Stevie J warns that he’s no role model

    Stevie J comes across as a bit of a womanizer on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” but the music producer isn’t worried about his daughter ever dating a guy like him.

    “Being that I raise my daughter, she knows me. She knows I’m still her dad. I’m that dude! No matter what, she knows right from wrong,” Stevie told

    “It’s kinda like, when I tell her not to go into the kitchen because it’s hot, she’ll say ‘hot.’ It’s the same thing when you see something that you don’t like about somebody, it’s ‘hot’ and you should stay away from them,” he said.

    Stevie isn’t the only one explaining to his daughter who to stay away from. His babymama and fellow “LHHATL” co-star, Mimi Faust, recently ended her romantic relationship with Stevie after realizing she was in a bit of a love triangle, with Joseline Hernandez rounding out the trio.

    Despite receiving lots of criticism for his on-screen womanizing on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” Stevie J said a lot of good has come from the show.

    “It’s honestly helped blossom a lot of things as well as reach the youth. Being that I haven’t been out musically in a while, when they Google me, they can see a lot of my accomplishments. I have managers, labels and a bunch of other people calling me…It’s a great atmosphere for me right now!” he told

    While he didn’t acknowledge any reason for criticism of his lifestyle, Stevie did admit that he’s not out to be a role model.

    “I don’t want anyone trying to pattern themselves after me or anything like that,” he said. “Instead of worrying about me, people should figure out how they can make the world a better place themselves.”

    As for his relationships with Mimi and Joseline, to whom Stevie is rumored to be engaged, he said the lines are blurred.

    “It’s a love relationship, work relationship, family, friendship; it’s all of the above. Whenever I go in with a person, I go in all the way and it’s all the emotions tied together. Love is love.”

    Stevie J talks about lies and shares his POV on all the "LHHATL" drama in the October 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.





    —Tracy L. Scott


    Since he has a national platform, should Stevie J be concerned with being a role model or not? Leave your comments below.


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