LisaRaye McCoy talks romance and reality TV

    For LisaRaye McCoy, her role on "Single Ladies" is more than a job; it’s her life!

    The actress, who plays video-vixen-turned-realtor Keisha Greene, told BE Magazine that she can identify with her character even though they’re not exactly going through the same struggle. While Keisha is trying to mend a broken heart and looking for new love, LisaRaye isn’t pressed about finding a man.

    "I am a single lady. I can’t really say I’m looking for him; I just want to bump into him. I want to be surprised. I want to be swept off my feet like,…is that, could that…why it’s him!’" LisaRaye said. "I want that whole thing with the music playing in the background and everything."

    LisaRaye has the distinction of being an actress on VH1’s only scripted series, but the network is famous for its long roster of reality shows. Don’t expect to find her tuning in to check out her network contemporaries, though. She’s not impressed by the current state of reality TV.

    "You know what’s so funny is that I was actually a part of one of the first reality shows on Bravo called ‘The It Factor.’ It was so much fun," said Lisa who more recently starred in her own TV One reality show. "Now, reality shows have really gotten out of hand. I am offended by it somewhat because being an actress, I’m now competing with reality TV stars on TV and in my pockets."

    And another thing most reality stars can’t touch is her number of aliases. When spotted in public, LisaRaye knows that she could be identified by a few different names.

    "People call me Diamond all the time. It ranges from Diamond to Niecy to now Keisha," LisaRaye shared. "People in the grocery store will call me Keisha and I look around like ‘who me?’ They reply with ‘girl, you know that’s you.’"



    —Sonya Eskridge




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