Mimi Faust not fazed by engagement rumors

    Mimi Faust doesn’t think that Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez are really getting married.

    When TT Torrez of iPower 92.1 got Mimi on the phone, she had to ask the burning question on everyone’s mind: Are Joseline and Stevie really engaged?

    Joseline got people talking when she started rocking some dazzling bling on her ring finger. And when we asked Stevie if he popped the question, he told S2S, “I ain’t ready to say nothing."

    But when asked if rumors of an engagement were true, Mimi said, "Oh God, come on….stop it!" While that wasn’t a direct answer, TT took it as a "no." There’s also the fact that Stevie still hasn’t said exactly what is going on between him and Joseline

    In fact, from what Mimi said, he’s still not claiming Joseline as his woman to her. Truth be told, he’s still trying to pawn the performer off as his protege. "Still to this day, I’m still getting, ‘That’s just my artist; we’re just getting money.’"

    Of course, Stevie does tend to keep Mimi out of the loop when it comes to him and Joseline. Mimi claims that Stevie initially had Joseline’s number saved in his phone as "Big Homie" so as not to make it obvious that another woman was blowing up his phone.

    Mimi admitted that she had her suspicions about Stevie creeping, but she could never confirm anything until just before they started shooting "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta."

    "I knew something was going [on], I just didn’t know what," she said. "We actually started the show about a month after I found out what was going on."

    She added, "Y’all are watching like, ‘Damn, she’s stupid,’ but then again, how am I going to be stupid if I didn’t know?"

    The VH1 reality star revealed that she and Stevie are currently in counseling, but she remained mum about whether there was any chance of them ever getting back together. After a long pause, Mimi simply said, "You guys are going to have to tune in."




    —Sonya Eskridge




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