K.Michelle to confront MeMpHiTz on reunion show?

    Contrary to recent gossip, executive producer Mona Scott-Young assures that there will be a “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” reunion.

    Disappointed fans can turn those frowns upside down.

Earlier this week, rumors that the end-of-season staple wouldn’t occur started circulating. Apparently, the reunion show had been canceled because the cast members could not get along.

    When asked about the gossip via Twitter, Mona decided to quash those rumors and set the record straight.

    “Not true,” she responded to one of her followers. “How do these silly rumors even get started???!!! It Ain’t so!” she told another.

    Not only will there be a reunion show, things might get interesting because, according to The Jasmine Brand, MeMpHiTz may be making an appearance on the show.

    For those who don’t know, MeMpHiTz is cast member K. Michelle’s ex-boyfriend (and current husband of reality star Toya Wright). Earlier in the season, K.Michelle claimed MeMpHiTz was abusive toward her during their relationship. That’s a charge MeMpHiTz has denied.
    Mona wants MeMpHiTz to appear on the reunion show to allow K.Michelle to have some closure and hopefully end their feud.

    Neither MeMpHiTz nor K. Michelle has commented on the rumors yet.

    —Chelsea Boone


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