Lupe Fiasco takes tearful walk down memory lane

    Things got real real for Lupe Fiasco during a recent interview that left him in tears while opening up about friends who’ve passed on and his days in the hood.

    "I’m from the hood," he said through tears. "I’m from the hood. You can play it however you want to play it. I go to the skate park ’cause I don’t like the hood. I got more guns than you. All my homies is killers."

    Lupe became overcome with emotion on MTV’s "RapFix Live" after watching old footage of an interview he did with Sway in his West Side neighborhood in Chicago back in 2006.

    During the interview, Lupe took Sway around his neighborhood admitting that he’s seen “death, violence, everything” the streets had to offer. He also shared his dream to create a safe space to get kids off the streets.
    After replaying the interview, Lupe brown down on the set, remembering some of the people who are dead, in and out of jail, and those who have yet to make it out the hood.

    “It’s some of them dudes is dead…Chicago’s the murder capital. The dudes in that video are in and out of prison, a couple of fed cases, and then there’s ghosts. You see people that, that ain’t there.”

    A tearful Lupe explained that not much has changed in his neighborhood for the better. “Some of the kids ain’t gonna to make it out of there,” he said. “You feel so helpless…For me, to see myself 6 years ago, surrounded by people, people who ain’t even here, reppin’ the hood, doin’ what they do, that never left, it’s a sober thing to me.

    "It’s a painful thing, bruh," he said.

    Watch more of Lupe’s emotional interview with Sway below.


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    —Malaika Nicholas


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