Nelly talks relationship with Ashanti

    Nelly still won’t confirm whether he’s with Ashanti, but that’s not entirely his decision.

    No one can say for sure what’s going on between Nelly and Ashanti because they keep their status quiet. Of course, they are spotted together quite a bit. Most recently, Ashanti was there when Nelly did an interview on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."

    During his chat with the comedian, he confessed that he loves watching "Bridezillas." But people paid attention when he let it slip who got him into the reality show.

    "It wasn’t my idea to watch ‘Bridezillas.’ Somebody else was watching ‘Bridezillas’ and I feel like I was forced to watch it for a couple of episodes," he told Jimmy. "[Ashanti] likes ‘Bridezillas.’ She’s a fan, a huge fan."

    Even without referencing that appearance, the crew at "The Breakfast Club" took their chance to once again ask Nelly what’s really going on with him and the "Happy" singer. Nelly thinks he had better things to talk about, though.

    “I always comment on what I’m doing, now when you comment on who I’m dating and all that, that’s something that seems to be more important to everybody else than to me," he said. "I know who I’m dating, I know what’s going on."

    But when co-host Angela Yee kept pushing it, he slyly sidestepped the question. And he made it seem like he would claim Ashanti as his woman when they’re both ready to reveal their status.

    "Me and babygirl, we’re real cool. I don’t think anything’s going to change until me and her decide that we want to change it. But everyone thinks it’s my decision that we say what we say," Nelly said before explaining that he’s just one-half of that decision. "It’s a mutual respect, it’s a mutual decision that we made. ‘Yo! this is what we are going to say and this is what we are not going to say.’"

    And he asked, "Did she ever claim me?"



    —Sonya Eskridge




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