Towanda Braxton exposing all for ‘BFV’ 3

    Some reality TV stars prefer not to have all their biz in the street, but Towanda Braxton of “Braxton Family Values” wants to share even more of herself.

    “I can’t wait to really expose my life in season 3,” she told Sister 2 Sister. “There are some deep-rooted situations that I do want to talk about, situations that women go through all the time.”

    One of those situations involves Towanda’s relationship with her husband, Andre Carter. The two are what she called “sorta-kinda” married.

    While many “BFV” fans question why Towanda remains in a somewhat dysfunctional marriage, she hasn’t given up hope that their problems can be solved.

    “I look at it like everything in love is fixable unless they’re beating your behind. You have to exhaust all of your options. Although I’m 97 percent out of my options, at least I’m trying,” she said. “We do not have a horrific situation. I’m just trying to work it out or figure it out because we have small children. Sometimes you have to take the bitter with the sweet when it comes to your family. That’s where I am.”

    Although Towanda and her sisters have received a lot of judgments from the show’s viewers, she said they’ve also helped people by being so transparent.

    “We have people writing and reaching out and emailing us and tweeting, thanking us for exposing our lives,” she said.

    As for the critics, Towanda said she’s unfazed.

    “I have thick skin,” she said. “They can’t make me or break me. All they have is an opinion. All I have is what works for me and my own healing.”

    As much as the show helps others, Towanda said it’s helped her sisters and her, too. Viewers watched as they worked through their issues with a therapist last season. That’s one reason Towanda’s anxious to be more open about her problems going forward.

    “’Braxton Family Values’ is therapy for Towanda,” she said.

    Check out a preview of season 3 below.

    —Tracy L. Scott



    Towanda said the kids are one reason she’s working to save her family. Should people stay together for the children, or is it better for unhappy parents to part? Leave your comments below.


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