Venus Williams preps for the Olympics

    Recently, tennis great Venus Williams stopped in Washington, DC to compete in the Washington Kastles tournament.

    During interviews at the month-long tournamen,t Venus could not contain how excited she was for her appearance in the 2012 Olympics.

    Venus, a five-time Wimbledon champion and four-time Olympian, is amped up and ready to battle!

    “I’ve just [been] so excited for the Olympics for so long that I’m just going all out with hair, nails, attitude – everything! All my outfits are geared towards the Olympics,” announced Venus. “The best mark on the Olympics for me would be to get the gold, bring some gold home for the U.S. and get the count up. It’s also fun to wear team colors so I will be wearing the U.S. colors from sun up to sun down.”

    And Venus is already eying how she’s going to get the gold.

    “Right now, I’m really looking forward to the doubles. I would love to play very well in the two events that I’m in. We’ll see what happens,” said Venus.

    But in the midst of hair, makeup and nails, what seems to be exciting Venus the most is post-Olympic tradeoffs.

    “I’m a big pin trader. So soon as I get on that plane and land in London, I’m trading pins,” laughed Venus.

    —Marcus A. Williams



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