Erica Dixon denies dating a married man

    Erica Dixon wants the world to know that she is not and would not date a married man. Listen.

    “Marriage is sacred,” she told Sister 2 Sister, adding that participating in adultery just isn’t in her character.

    Last week, rumors first surfaced that she was involved in a romance with a married man. Initially, she ignored the gossip, but when more news outlets reported on it, Erica decided to speak out.

    According to Erica, a photo of the two posted on Twitter is what started the gossip.

    “When the first picture came out, I was like, ‘so what?’ Nothing is credible about MediaTakeOut,” said Erica, who credited MTO with first publishing the story.

    “He’s my friend. He’s been my friend for a while, and the media has just taken it and twisted it all out of context. They’ve taken just a simple photo and made it something that it’s not,” she said. “This is just the devil trying to ride my back.”

    After the rumors of her dating a married man emerged, Erica tweeted that she already had someone, but she later admitted, “That was just to shut [the gossip] down.”

    However, she is actually single and “open to dating,” but is more focused on her daughter right now.

    “They reach out, but I just feel like it’s for the wrong reason. I’m not about a publicity stunt or anything. So, I’m good. I’m focused on my career. I’m focused on being a mother. That’s pretty much it right now,” she said.

    As for the gossip that seems to be par for the course for most reality TV personalities, Erica said it’s to be expected.

    “I have to laugh a lot of stuff off. I knew going into this what I had to deal with. So, I pray about it, and I just move forward,” she said.

    Hear Erica’s own words below. Listen.
    Erica Dixon denies adultery by S2Smag

    —Tracy L. Scott


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