Chris Bosh claims residency in Texas

    There’s word that Chris Bosh has registered for a change of address to skirt paying more child support. reports that the Miami Heat player, who recently had to drop out of consideration for the 2012 London Olympics due to an injury, has filed documents to claim Texas as his current state of residence.

    Chris owns a home in Dallas that is worth  $73,000, a far lower value than the $12 million home in Florida that he shares with his new wife Adrienne and their son.

    Seemingly, Chris claiming residency in Texas so that he doesn’t have to pay his babymama Allison Mathis more than he’s currently giving her, which is about $2,600. Since she lost her job, though, Allison claims that amount barely covers her mortgage.

    Allison recently revealed that she has had to apply for food stamps to make sure that she can feed their daughter. Chris also moved to bar her from joining the cast of "Basketball Wives," which would have been a huge source of income after being laid off as a secretary for a Florida construction company.

    If the judge presiding over the child support case found that Florida is Chris current home, then he would owe Allison about $30,000 a month in child support. That’s about three percent of his yearly $18 million income.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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