Chris Brown hires Akon’s brother as manager

    It seems like Chris Brown is always finding ways to keep himself in the news, whether he intends to or not. 

    While spending some time over in France last weekend, he was approached by a member of the paparazzi who asked him what he thought about Frank Ocean coming out. Breezy’s response of “Man, no homo” was taken too literal for his liking.

    Now, Chris and Frank are no strangers to Twitter beef after getting into it last year, but instead of blowing things even more out of proportion, Chris took his version of the high road on Monday to issue an informal apology to Frank via the social media site.

    “My opinion on the whole Frank Ocean subject is… who you want to love,” he wrote.

    Chris didn’t miss the chance to take a shot at the international media. He tweeted, “People stop searching for BS.”

    While Frank has yet to comment on Chris’ version of an apology, it’s doubtful Chris is holding is breath. It seems he may have bigger fish to fry. 

After firing his long-time manager, and alleged love interest Tina Davis, he’s reportedly replaced her with Akon’s brother Abou Thiam, VP of A&R at Def Jam.

    Chris’ new manager has worked with big acts like Lady Gaga and T-Pain. Although Chris’ fourth studio album, F.A.M.E. went gold, according to, Tina’s being blamed for the lackluster performance of Chris’ latest album Fortune. But the 40-something ex-manager is supposed to continue working under Breezy, but only in a minor role.

    Now that he’s under the wing of a new manager, things have seemed to take a turn for the better, for Chris’s tweets at least.

    If Chris’ latest album Fortune doesn’t sell as well as expected, according to, Tina may not be the only one getting her walking papers.
    Say it ain’t so Breezy!

    —Kimberley Glascoe


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