R.Kelly warns crooners to avoid beef

    R.Kelly offered advice to R&B’s newer generation on how to sustain a successful career. Watch.

    “I feel like there’s a lot of talented guys out there when it comes to R&B. Stay away from beef. Stay away from beef. Stay true and respectful to the music and the one who inspired you to do what you do,” he told MTV News.

    R.Kelly knows a little something about longevity. The singer first hit the scene in the early ‘90s, and he’s reportedly working on a follow-up to his hugely successful "Trapped in the Closet" saga.

    Although R.Kelly is no stranger to controversy, he hasn’t participated in many R&B beefs. Most recently, singer Brian McKnight seemed to throw some shade in the Pied Piper’s direction.

    “Or maybe have sex with a 14-year-old girl an film it that’s acceptable these days,” Brian tweeted in June, sarcastically suggesting ways he might become more popular with today’s music lovers.

    However, R.Kelly didn’t bother to respond and that may be because he feels the R&B genre is above that drama.

    “You don’t want R&B to get into beef. Leave that to the rappers. Let them do that. Let R&B be classy. That’s for the ladies, and having the babies and having fun,” he said.

    While R.Kelly hasn’t beefed with any fellow singers, there was tension between him and Best of Both Worlds counterpart, Jay-Z.

    However, R. hinted he might be open to collaborating with Jay-Z again.

    “I love a good marriage. I love love. Anything that works for me, anything that feels good to my soul and feels like this is what I should do, I’m gonna do it. I don’t care what it is, who it’s with, as long as it’s positive and as long as it works for both parties, I’m with it,” said R., who boasted about being Jay-Z’s first tour partner before The Throne.

    “We walked on the moon first,” R.Kelly said.

    Watch more of R.Kelly’s interview below.

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    —Tracy L. Scott



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