Antoine Dodson Supports Chick-fil-A

    Mr. “Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife!” himself is back in the spotlight; this time to support a Chick-fil-A.

    Antoine Dodson, who is openly gay, was among hundreds customers who stood in line on August 1 at a Huntsville, Alabama for Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. It was a nationwide event, which called on people who support the fast food chain’s president Dan Cathy’s stance against gay marriage to purchase a meal.

    “I’m here for supporting the employees,” Antoine told The Huntsville Times. “The gay community is fighting against Chick-fil-A, but they’re not thinking about where this leaves the employees. So I’m here to be a support for the employees, and I’m also coming to get that spicy chicken sandwich.”

    Last week, Antoine released yet another YouTube video in the wake of Dan’s comments openly supporting Chick-fil-A.

    “I have uncles and aunties as well, who does not approve of gay marriages and stuff like that, but they respect me,” Antoine said in the video. “I don’t care about one person’s opinion or how they feel—that’s fine. Chick-fil-A makes good meals, and I eat there quite frequently.”

    Antoine’s comments didn’t sit well with too many in the gay community, so he posted a follow-up video. “They treated me well, so how can I fault them? If we stop coming, them hardworking employees in that building no longer have jobs,” he said.

    As for gay marriage, Antoine doesn’t see marriage in his immediate future. “I never really thought about getting married,” he said to The Huntsville Times. “I’ve been so focused on my career. I never have time to think about marriage. I’m not going to say I’m against it or I’m for it. If it happens, it happens.” Go run and tell that!






    —Malaika Nicholas




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