Neffe Pugh becomes an author

    Neffe Pugh is putting her life on paper with a new book about how she made it through some serious struggles after leaving the spotlight.

    During her time on BET, people got a very narrow view of Neffe’s life, but she told S2S that she’s hoping The Price I Paid, will present a fuller idea of who she really is.

    "The world knows Neffe, Keyshia Cole’s sister, reality star. But I’m a person," Neffe told S2S. "In The Price I Paid, people will get a clear understanding of Neffeteria as a person. I’m a human and I go through things just like other folks."

    The book, being published under her new deal with Tionna Smalls’s Talk Dat Ish Books, will focus on what happened in her life when the cameras stopped rolling. But as Neffe told us, she wasn’t the only one going through something; her husband, Soullow, their kids and even the family dog were also having a hard time adjusting.

    For Neffe, the biggest challenge was getting real with herself.

    "It was hard to open up to myself, not to the world, because my life is already an open book," Neffe admitted.  "To open up to myself and say, ‘hey, you need a reality check,’ that was hard."

    Neffe knows that everyone struggles, and she feels that The Price I Paid could be a much needed beacon to light someone’s way out of a personal wilderness. "I think this book will empower people to keep going no matter what. It will encourage them to turn their struggles into triumph, and I’m excited about that," she stated.

    The reality star added, "I know it’s going to touch somebody somewhere while they’re down and out and I hope this book helps them to keep pushing."

    Writing the book was cathartic for Neffe, who feels better "mentally, spiritually and emotionally" after the whole process.

    "If I wrote a book about my life now it would be called Sane or Sanity because I am in a happy place," Neffe told S2S. "I’m at a place now where God is going to blossom me into a rose, and I’m excited."

    That place doesn’t exactly allow room for cameras, so while you will see their mother Frankie, you may not see Neffe on Keyshia’s upcoming BET reality series, "Family First." Neffe couldn’t be happier for her talented sister, so there are no hard feelings about not being included on the show.


    "I love my sister and I’m proud of her and everything she has done," said Neffe. "I’m excited for her comeback; I will be a #1 fan of the show, but right now, I’m in a different season in my life."

    Get more on Neffe’s book deal when you flip through Daily Buzz 7.30.12 below!


    —Sonya Eskridge




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