‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 8.7.12

    Joseline was ready to knock Stevie J out on this week’s episode of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta."

    Joseline and Karlie call a truce

    Joseline just can’t get away from Karlie Redd. Whether they’re in the studio together or potentially going on double dates.

    They may not get along professionally, but they’re going to have to learn how to at least co-exist. Fortunately it seems like Joseline can talk to anyone—even if she really can’t stand them.

    Rasheeda dishes the dirt

    Rasheeda had a girls night out for Lil Scrappy’s mixtape party. The party was also a gig for the Georgia peach who is featured on Scrappy’s new track. As such, many people expected Rasheeda’s hubby Kirk to be there. He is still her manager…at the moment anyway.

    Not wanting to put too much attention on her marriage and business, Rasheeda decided to shift everyone’s focus elsewhere. Somehow in changing the subject, Lil Scrappy became the topic of conversation. Since it’s VH1, and since women love to dish about relationship drama, it wasn’t a big surprise.

    It also wasn’t a big surprise to see Shay, Scrappy’s "homie," come strolling in with the man of the hour. Of course that little disturbance didn’t keep the ladies from enjoying the party.


    K.Michelle drops the bomb

    K.Michelle may have enjoyed shaking her tail feathers at the mixtape party, but she wasted no time filling in her friend Erica Dixon on what she found out

    Erica kept up a strong front as she found out the undoubtedly upsetting news, but she believes that Scrappy’s only hurting himself in the long run.


    Kirk kicked to the curb?

    Rasheeda needs a little backup when it comes to firing her husband. She loves Kirk, but she needs him to have a seat as her manager because there’s a chance that he’s the reason she’s still underground and not mainstream.


    Joseline swings on Stevie J

    Stevie has as much as come out and said that he wants to have both Mimi and Joseline because it would be the best of both worlds for him. He can’t seem to understand why they are against that arrangement.

    Apparently the idea of monogamy escapes him.

    Mimi and Joseline play tough when it comes to Stevie, but it seems like they’re both hoping to walk away as his one and only in the end. Too bad for them, he’s not a one-woman man.

    When it was revealed that Mimi and Stevie are actually still living together (didn’t she kick him out?!), Joseline snapped! The performer swung on her man-ager like she was going for the heavyweight boxing championship.


    —Sonya Eskridge


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