Tatyana Ali spoofs ‘Basketball Wives’

    Tatyana Ali is getting creative in her criticism of reality TV in the newest episode of "This My Show."

    Tatyana Ali is getting creative in her criticism of reality TV. The actress did her best impression of reality show producers Mona Scott-Young and Shaunie O’Neal in the newest episode of "This My Show," starring Bresha Webb.

    You may remember Bresha from "Love That Girl" or her viral video "Sh*t Tiny Says."

    Mona is a take-charge, designer bag-loving reality TV puppeteer that is working hard to help Bresh and her friend Jameel make their mark on Black culture.

    "It is my job to bring the excitement out of Bresha and Jameel. The hood if you will," Some people say stereotypes. I say, ‘good television.’ When I’m done with them, they’ll have more cultural relevance than the Cosbys."

    While Jameel doesn’t seem to be completely onboard with Bresha’s vision, Mona is there to help coach him along to be as ratchet as he can possibly be. 

    Take a peek at the first episode below!


    If there were a few more episodes, "This My Show" would definintely have made the cut for our list of web series to watch.


    —Sonya Eskridge




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