Wiz Khalifa talks Amber Rose pregnancy rumors

    Wiz Khalifa addressed rumors that fiancée Amber Rose is with child.

    “It’s not what people think it is,” Wiz told the “Q Deezy Show” on Hot 107.9 in Atlanta. “You guys will know when she’s pregnant, but it’s not the time now for people to start going crazy.”

    Rumors about Amber’s alleged pregnancy surfaced after she and Wiz became engaged. Blogs and other media outlets pointed to the Philly native’s slight weight gain as proof. Also, the once blonde bombshell is returning to her natural hair color.

    As many OBGYNs can attest, women are often discouraged from dying their hair when they’re pregnant.

    However, Wiz suggested that maybe Amber wanted to switch up her look a bit.

    Although he wouldn’t confirm that she’s currently carrying his child, Wiz declared that she would be in the future.

    “I want babies. I definitely want to have some kids for sure,” he said.

    “She will have my baby in life,” said Wiz, who admitted that he already feels like he’s married.

    In preparation for the real thing, Wiz is seeking some guidance before tying the knot.

    “I read books and $#_t like that. There’s this book called Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before I Got Married. It talks about being selfless and really, really communicating,” he said.

    The two haven’t publicly announced a wedding date yet, but Wiz said their relationship is still strong.

    “It’s going awesome, man,” he said.

    Watch more of Wiz’s interview below.

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    —Tracy L. Scott



    Wiz didn’t exactly deny that Amber is pregnant? Do you think she is or isn’t? Leave your comments below.

    —Tracy L. Scott

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