LaLa Anthony holds ‘Full Court’ in London

    For her fans who couldn’t make it to the London Olympics, LaLa Anthony is bringing the experience to them.

    The real-life basketball wife and entrepreneur confirmed that the “LaLa’s Full Court Life” TV cameras traveled to Great Britain with her for the Games.

    “For my show, it’s just capturing the excitement of London during the Olympics because I want everyone back home to be able to see that,” LaLa told “Access Hollywood.”

    When VH1’s “Full Court” returns, viewers may get a chance to see LaLa shopping, sightseeing and spending time with the other NBA wives and children. Unlike most athletes, the men’s basketball team lodged together outside of the Olympic Village.

    “It’s like a big happy family. We’re having fun and all the kids are hanging out together. It really feels like a family,” said LaLa, who clarified that her husband and his teammates are too focused on winning gold to party hard.

    “They take this so seriously. They’re not hanging out, going crazy. The goal is to go home with the gold,” she said. The men’s team is currently three games away from that goal as they head to the quarterfinals today.

    Although the American team hasn’t claimed the top prize yet, LaLa is already beaming with pride over hubby Carmelo Anthony’s recent world record performance on the court.

    “He broke a world record. He scored 37 points in 14 minutes, which has never been done in the Olympics.  It was crazy. It seemed like everything he threw up, just went in. It was like nine three-pointers, something ridiculous,” explained LaLa, who takes some credit for her man’s success.

    “The day that he broke the world record was the first day I got here, so I would like to say that maybe I had a little something to do with that,” she said.

    While some may have worried that a team comprised of the NBA’s best would lead to some infighting, LaLa said the players aren’t ego tripping.

    “This team, every single person is a star player. I think some people were afraid of [egos], but together, it’s been magical and they get along great. They hang out on the court. It’s perfect,” she said. “There are no egos. They’re like having the best time.”

    See more of LaLa’s interview below.

    LaLa and her family pose for a picture in London.

    See LaLa with Carmelo, Kelly Rowland, Kim Kardashian and more celeb friends below.


    —Tracy L. Scott

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