Pooch Hall back in ‘The Game’

    "The Game" fans can all breathe a sigh of relief now that Pooch Hall has officially signed on for season 6.

    "DERWIN L I V E S.." Pooch tweeted last month, leaving many of the series’ fans a bit confused. Many responded asking the actor to explain exactly what he meant.

    S2S reported back in June that Pooch told “The Breakfast Club” he’d be willing to continue working with BET, and it looks like things have worked out…for Pooch at least. His reported replacement Jay Ellis, who was cast to play Bryce “The Blueprint” Westbrook, may be looking for a new gig before this one even starts.

    Although we can’t say the same for Lauren London, who is likely still to play the replacement for Pooch’s on-screen partner Tia Mowry, who will not be returning. It will be interesting to see how BET works this one out!

    With Pooch still in "The Game," the actor, who deemed himself "The 2 show kid," will be starring in two cable series. He also has a role in "Ray Donovan," a new Showtime series. His former co-star Tia is signed on for a new Nick at Nite sitcom.

    For those who remain non-believers, Pooch recently tweeted, "Its official… who said Pooch wont be back on ‪@TheGameBET‬ I will send pics from the set to Prove it, in the fall. Love u guys…"

    And did we mention he’s still rapping? Pooch recently made a guest appearance at a club in Toronto to announce his comeback, and to also spit a few bars to the crowd.

    See Pooch’s tweets for yourself.

    Check out Pooch’s rap skills below.

    —Kimberley Glascoe



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