Toya Wright calls K.Michelle ‘irrelevant’

    Toya Wright wants K.Michelle to keep her name out her mouth, and the newlywed is hoping the courts will help convince K.Michelle to do just that.

    “I just got a gag order placed on her,” Toya recently told

    The legal action comes after weeks of K.Michelle alleging that Toya’s hubby, MeMpHiTz, once abused K.Michelle while the two were dating.

    “I promised myself that I was never going to talk about that because she’s so irrelevant to me, but I’m going to say this: The picture she’s painting of my husband, is not my husband,” Toya said. “I’ve been knowing him for six years. I know several women that he has dated that never said anything about abuse. If someone abused you like that, where’s the proof? Where’s the police report? Where’s the pictures? Where’s the messages that you claim that he sent threats to your kid and threatened to kill your child? These are things that, it doesn’t matter about love, you’d be in jail if you threatened my kid.”

    K.Michelle criticized Toya for supporting her husband and described her as “d!ck drunk,” but Toya didn’t apologize for standing by her man.

    “That’s my husband. I don’t know you, and I was not there when y’all had the altercation. True, but I’m going to be 100 percent supportive of my man. I don’t know this abuser. I never met that guy. I don’t know nothing about him abusing women or nothing,” said Toya, who thinks K.Michelle might be the violent one.

    “He’s a very loving person. He’s very affectionate. Anyone who knows him for real, just be like, ‘What is wrong with this girl?’ The crazy part about it is that everyone said you crazy and that you hit him,” she said about the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star.

    Toya, who knows a little something about using reality show opportunities to promote other ventures, advised K.Michelle to stop talking about MeMpHiTz and focus on her career.

    “Pump your music up. I’m not a hater, but please stop talking about me and my family,” she said. “Go and promote your music and do what you got to do. God gave you a platform. Use it.”

    Toya has a lot more to say below. Watch it.

    See photos of Toya with her celebrity friends below.

    —Tracy L. Scott



    Should Toya have responded to K.Michelle, or should she have continued to ignore the drama? How would you have handled it? Leave your comments below.

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