Tyler James Williams stars in ‘Go On’

    Tyler James Williams credits his parents for helping him navigate the often-treacherous road from child star to adult actor. Watch.

    “It’s always the parents. You see a lot of these younger actors who end up going through all these hardships, and you can’t blame the child,” he told “Access Hollywood.”

    Tyler, who’s set to co-star in NBC’s new sitcom, “Go On,” said his parents kept him focused during his time away from TV.

    “It’s all about the parents who were able to keep [child stars] grounded and thankfully, I had parents who continually reminded me that I was here to do the work and be a good actor not to go out and party. That’s not part of the purpose of the job,” said Tyler, whose parents are doing the same with his younger siblings.

    “I have little brothers. My brother’s now on ‘Lab Rats,’ and the baby is now working, and they’re running my parents ragged,” he said.

    Although Tyler had once sworn off returning to sitcoms, he said “Go On” appealed to him because it’s about more than just getting laughs.

    “It wasn’t just a comedy. It dealt with real issues and real people. I didn’t have to necessarily carry it,” the former “Everybody Hates Chris” star said. “It can rest on the shoulders of the great Matthew Perry.”

    Tyler has had more sitcom success than most actors, but he admitted “Go On” is a bit different for him because there’s no family focus.

    “I’m so used to seeing television with family dynamics,” he said, comparing familial relationships to what viewers will see on the new series. “This is a group of people who are all dealing with serious issues. They all understand that they’re all crazy, but they love each other for it.”

    In the show, Tyler plays Owen, “whose brother is in a coma from a tragic skiing accident,” he said. “He’s very straight to the point.”

    See a preview of the show below.

    Watch more of Tyler’s interview below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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