Keyshia Cole teases new series, album

    Keyshia Cole confirmed popular words of advice from married women who’ve found Mr. Right: He’ll come when you’re not looking.

    “I was just kinda focused on my business and my career and not really wanting to deal with anybody because everybody was full of crap, but I met somebody different, which was Daniel,” Keyshia told Q Deezy of Hot 107.9 in Philadelphia.

    The newlyweds have been married for a little over a year, and Keyshia admitted it takes some effort to maintain things, especially with their busy schedules.

    “We work on it. We take trips, of course,” she said. “When he’s not working, or when I’m not working, we go to Vegas.” 

When they are working, the two are also there to support one another on the road. “Gib rolls with me when I’m performing, just like I roll with him when he’s playing. We love to see each other perform,” she said.

    Keyshia’s fans will have a chance to witness the romance for themselves when her new reality series, “Family First,” debuts in October.

    “It’s me, my husband, my son, my mother, and him working, me working, us raising DJ together,” she said, offering a preview of what viewers can expect.

    Her new series isn’t all that’s dropping this October. Keyshia’s new album, Woman to Woman, will also be released that month.

    She described the album’s title track as a conversation between two different versions of herself.

    “I have a song called ‘Woman to Woman’ and I was gonna actually play my old me in the video talking to the new me, but in the middle, the common denominator is the guy,” she said.

    As for Keyshia, Daniel is the only guy she’s truly singing about these days.

    “I’m loving him, loving every minute with him and thanking his mother for having him,” she said.


    The singer reveals her favorite R&B singers and talks about her shoe line below. Watch.

    See photos of Keyshia and Daniel, LaLa and Carmelo Anothony and more celeb-athlete couples.


    —Tracy L. Scott


    Are you more excited about Keyshia’s new show or her new album? What do you think about her relationship advice? Leave your comments below.

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