K.Michelle threatens Toya Wright

    It seems neither K.Michelle nor Toya Wright is backing down from their beef over allegations that MeMpHiTz abused K. years ago.

    “You told ur story, I have a right to tell mine. So stop talkin $#!t about something u know nothing about. I’m from Memphis!” K. tweeted yesterday.

    Although Toya had promised herself that she wouldn’t comment on the ongoing drama between her hubby MeMpHiTz and K., she recently told TalkingWithTami.com that she has never had reason to think MeMpHiTz might put his hands on a woman.

    “I’ve been knowing him for six years. I know several women that he has dated that never said anything about abuse,” said Toya, who questioned why K.Michelle didn’t offer up proof to back up her claims.

    K.Michelle assured that there is proof.

    “Be careful what u ask for! I got yo proof…I need proof That u have a GED!” wrote K., who suggested that the evidence Toya needed was on her finger.

    “My budget paid for that,” she wrote, in reference to Toya’s wedding ring.

    Toya also alleged that mutual acquaintances suggested that K. is the abusive one, not MeMpHiTz, and that the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star is a bit crazy herself. K.Michelle didn’t deny it.

    “I am crazy enough to slap the $#!t out of u. On sight,” K. threatened.

    Toya said she’s already involved the courts in the drama and requested a restraining order against K.Michelle; although, it’s unclear whether the order was granted.

    Toya has yet to respond to the latest comments from K.

    See K.Michelle’s tweets below.

    —Tracy L. Scott

    This beef between K.Michelle and Toya started when Toya defended her man. Is it time for MeMpHiTz to squash this, or is he right to stay out of it? Leave your comments below.

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