Ray J might ‘cheat,’ but won’t lie about it

    Just like on his show “For the Love of Ray J,” the singer sees nothing wrong with dating multiple women, as long as they know he’s not monogamous.

    “Just be honest,” Ray explained to S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown. “Cheating is when you’re lying. When you can be honest with somebody then you can take the cheating out of it because now you’re not cheating. You’re being honest.”

    Fans may remember Ray struggled to maintain a serious relationship on the reality series, “Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business,” but he clarified that he’s definitely single now. However, he does have a “friendship-relationship” or two.

    That’s “when you’re with somebody, but you still have—you still take it to the next level, but you’re friends,” he said.

    The arrangement sounds a lot like “friends with benefits,” and Ray J said women should feel as empowered as men do about those casual relationships.

    “A woman and a man should have the same options,” he said. “There’s more independent women making money, being very successful, doing their own thing.”

    While he doesn’t yet have things figured out when it comes to romance, Ray J said he’s a lot more confident in his spiritual walk.

    “God is working through me,” said Ray J, who now attends church every Sunday. “Everybody’s under construction, but if you just live life and take life one day at a time, and change through time, everything works out for the best.”

    —Tracy L. Scott


    What do you think about Ray J’s philosophy? Is it okay to sleep with multiple partners as long as everyone involved is aware? Leave your comments below.


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