‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 8.14.12

    Mimi Faust plays mind games?

    Joseline was still furious when viewers tuned in for "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," but is it Mimi Faust’s fault?

    Mimi confided in Dr. Jeff that she only told Joseline that she’s staying with Stevie to see what his side chick would do. Joseline’s reaction only confirmed to Mimi that Stevie is still messing with his artist who was very hurt by the revelation that he’s still by Mimi’s side whenever they’re not together.

    Dr. Jeff doesn’t think Joseline’s just being some trifling starlet. In fact, he believes that Joseline is just looking for the closest thing that she can get to love because she’s never really had it in her life before. With a strained family background, the therapist doesn’t think Joseline really knows what a healthy, functional, loving relationship looks like so she doesn’t know when something is really wrong in a romantic situation.



    Lil Scrappy doesn’t know what he wants

    Mama Dee caught up with Lil Scrappy, who delivered the disappointing news that he wants to make things work with Erica  Dixon.

    Yes, despite the fact that he basically broke up with her two episodes ago, he wants to come home after finding out how hurt she was by their split. We guess that leaves Shay on the backburner until he figures things out.

    After his medical emergency, Mama Dee wasn’t too pleased with the news, and she’d rather just seem him take it easy on the committed relationship thing.


    Karlie Red and Joseline are getting along!

    My how things have changed between Joseline and Karlie Redd!  A few weeks ago you couldn’t get them in the studio together, last week they were chatting like frienemies, and this week they’re going rock climbing together.

    That’s a lot of trust to place in someone you’re not too sure you like. But Joseline is nothing else if not adaptable. She knows that as long as she’s up under Stevie J, who is friends with Karlie’s boo Benzino, she’s going to have to get along with the Trinidadian singer.


    Rasheeda and Kirk talk about marriage and management

    As the fate of their professional career hangs in the balance, Rasheeda told her hubby Kirk Frost that she wants to get back to the days their love was new.  Things have been a little strained since the season began, and the rapper has been thinking of cutting her Kirk as her manager, but it might be necessary to save their marriage.

    But Rasheeda wants to put that matter in the back of her mind for now because all she can think about is renewing her vows with Kirk.


    K.Michelle shares her story

    K.Michelle put on a wedding dress to share how her dreams of happily ever after became a nigtmare when she spoke to young women assembled for Saving Our Daughters.

    Erica and Rasheeda were their to offer their support; while Erica had a hard time keeping her composure, it seemed like Rasheeda was taking K.Michelle’s story with a grain of salt.


    —Sonya Eskridge




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