Miguel talks lost love

    Singer Miguel talked to S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown about his cheating ways and how men and women cheat differently.

    The “Sure Thing” artist said women are more emotional when it comes to infidelity.

    “When a woman entertains a sexual relationship with a man (that she isn’t involved with), it’s because of something lacking (in her relationship),” he said.

    In contrast, he said when men cheat, “we’re not trying to have no relationship with other women.”

    Get more from Miguel’s chat with Jamie.


    Jamie: So, why did you cheat on her?
    Miguel: Just young and immature.

    Jamie: You wouldn’t do it again, but you did it twice?
    Miguel: I did, yeah.

    Jamie: But how did you get back with her? What did you say to make her feel okay? She has to feel comfortable now.
    Miguel: I don’t know what I said to her. I don’t know why she got back with me the first time. I don’t know why she got back with me the second time.

    Jamie: What did she say about the song [“Sure Thing”]?
    Miguel: Well, what happened was, the second time we actually broke up for a year, and we don’t count that.

    Jamie: Why not?
    Miguel: I don’t know. Just ‘cause we still loved each other.

    Miguel talks more heartbreak and music in the September 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.


    Watch a segment from the exclusive interview below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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