Tamar Braxton tweets about K.Michelle

    Tamar Braxton isn’t done throwing shade at K.Michelle, and she wants the Atlanta singer to keep it real.

    The "Braxton Family Values" star is calling on her fellow reality TV diva to be honest about what she’s been through. K.Michelle has been vocal about her alleged experience with domestic violence during an incident with MeMpHiTz, but not everyone believes her story. One of those doubters is Tamar Braxton, who is friends with MeMpHiTz’s wife Toya Wright.

    When the issue of abuse came up again on the most recent episode of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," Tamar made it clear that she was tired of hearing the sob story.

    "#Enough! @kmichelle tell all your fans the TRUTH about why u call my friends & @MonaScottYoung 4 me to get on the phone & say u r sorry!" Tamar tweeted. "i”ve NEVER said anything to or about you and just like I know YOU know! so if u r not going to be HONEST I’ll do it for you!"

    Tamar and K.Michelle got into it shortly after the series premiere of "LHHA," when Tamar told Toya to “let this girl have her fairytale." It didn’t take K.Michelle too long to call Tamar a "muppet" over the perceived slight, and Tamar fired back with the threat of legal action.

    Truth be told, though, the very critical Tamar didn’t have a problem with K.Michelle before their Twitter tiff.

    "It so sad cuz i would NEVER LET ANYONE THINK OF U the way you have let ‘people’ not @kmichelle think of me," Tamar complained.  "ITS TIME 2 DO THE ‘right thing’ #CHURCH ITS NOT A BEEF! I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW I WAS A FAN OF @KMICHELLE & WHEN MY NAME WAS BROUGHT INTO THIS I WAS HURT! #THATSALL #ITS SAD."

    Tamar’s tweets didn’t stay up for too long as her hubby Vincent Herbert urged her to take them down. That’s not to suggest it was a retraction, though. 

    Tamar explained, “Vince said I have to delete my tweets….but I do mean what I say it is what it is."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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