Bride-to-be fatally stabs fiancé on wedding day

    What should have been a celebration ended in tragedy when 31-year-old bride-to-be Na Cola Franklin stabbed and killed her fiancé Billy Brewster in the early morning hours Saturday, just hours before the couple was set to be married.

    The two, who lived together in Whitehall Township, had gotten into a heated argument that escalated out of control, according to Philadelphia’s CBS News. Billy, 36, was allegedly getting ready to go get some food when Na Cola stabbed her would-be husband two times in the chest.

    It is unclear exactly how many people were at the house when the attack occurred, but CBS did report that family members were present at the time of the argument, including four children. The “Nancy Grace Show” added that a cousin eventually separated the two up but it was too late.

    The Lehigh County Coroner later pronounced Billy dead, citing a punctured heart as the cause.

    Na Cola seemed in disbelief during her arraignment when Judge Donna Butler told her that Billy had passed away. She reportedly pleaded, “You have to check again!”

    Na Cola stumbled as she continued, telling the judge, “I … did … not … kill … him … on … purpose.”

    The couple was all set to be wed at 10 that morning.

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    —Jacob Rohn

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