K.Michelle claims she has proof of abuse

    People may not believe K.Michelle’s story of abuse, but she claims to have had evidence.

    On Monday’s "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," K.Michelle and Rasheeda got into a fight because the rapper doesn’t really buy the singer’s claims that she was beat up by her ex-boyfriend MeMpHiTz Wright.

    Rasheeda’s views aren’t that much different from many "LHHATL" viewers who think K.Michelle is making the whole thing up. For his part, MeMpHiTz has admitted that he did have to restrain the singer during one argument, but he asserts that he never beat.

    As K.Michelle told JustTheFab.com recently, that’s a much different story than he told his colleagues. "He admitted it to people at the label," she claims.

    While she also accused MeMpHiTz of spending up the money from her record deal on himself, she pointed out that she doesn’t owe the record label anything because she had proof of the incident in question.

    "I got out of my record [deal]—I owed $2 million. Labels don’t let you go with that over your head. You’re still going to have a tag on you when you go to the next label," said the singer. "I own everything. I got my publishing back and everything because I went through that."

    While it’s not clear whether she had pictures of the aftermath, she revealed that she did have a few digital exchanges about her fight with MeMpHiTz.

    "I had text messages of everything—all the abuse, everything. And I would forward them over," K.Michelle explained. "And what could they say other than ‘we gotta let her go? She’s going to sue. We gotta get her out of here.’"

    As it turns out, the label never had anything to worry about because K.Michelle had no intentions of taking legal action against him and the company at the time. 

    Still many people question why she never went to authorities to press charges for the brutal beating. "It was my fault. I should have went to the police when it happened. I was in love. That was my best friend," K.Michelle recalled, stating that although she didn’t want to break up with MeMpHiTz, she had to leave because she didn’t want to risk another incident of domestic violence.

    "And the label?" she added, "I never thought about, ‘Hey, I’m going to sue them.’  You don’t want to get blackballed in the music industry."

    Toya Wright has come out to speak on her husband’s behalf regarding these allegations several times. The reality TV star, who shares a daughter with Lil Wayne, said that her husband is not the type of man to hit a woman.

    When asked if Toya has anything to worry about from MeMpHiTz, K.Michelle said, "She should be more fearful of me." In the singer’s opinion, Toya has too much backup from her babydaddy for MeMpHiTz to ever cross the line and hit her. "He’s not going to do anything to her because of Wayne and her situation. I don’t think he would," K.Michelle reasoned.

    She and Toya have been going at it on Twitter, and K.Michelle warned that she’s not above throwing down in their beef. "I’m sorry. I can be classy, but I will put hands up," she said.


    K.Michelle hopes to help other women through her work with Saving Our Daughters with the I Am Here…To Yell Confidence campaign. Her "LHHATL" cast mate Mimi Faust also added her voice to the project with a video of her own. Check out her PSA when you flip through Daily Buzz 8.15.12 below!

    —Sonya Eskridge

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