LaToya Jackson opens up about abusive marriage

    For years, pop star Michael Jackson’s sister, LaToya Jackson, battled an abusive relationship with her now-deceased, manager and ex-husband Jack Gordon.

    “Nobody knew I was getting beaten, at least twice, three times a week for no reason. It’s like, ‘Oh, my God, I hope he’s in a good mood,’ because you know if he’s not, he’s going to take it out on you,” she said.

    LaToya said she was embarrassed, and thought that people would never believe her story because of her status.

    “I’m human just like everybody else and abuse has no barriers. It has no color, it has no race. It doesn’t matter if you’re wealthy or you’re poor, if you’re rich or even if you’re strong.

    It attacks every form of life from every social group,” LaToya told S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown. “People don’t’ understand that your money cannot stop an abuser.” 




    Read more about LaToya’s escape from her violent relationship, her new book Starting Over and more in the September 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.





    —Kimberley Glascoe


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