EnVogue continues Twitter beef

    The breakup of En Vogue is heading to court…and possibly TV.

    Last month, fans found out that EnVogue had split into two different groups, but there was some confusion over which one was the real En Vogue.

    Well, Maxine Jones revealed via Twitter that her former group mates Terry Ellis and Cindy Herron have asserted their claim on the official group name by taking control of the business end of the group.

    "Yup Terry n Cindy r evil! They took over the LLC n bank acct,forced me out, gave my gigs 2 that chick LOL, and SUING #ME," wrote En Vogue member Maxine Jones, who let it slip that she might be working on a TV series. "Real arrogant b!#ches drunk with power lol! My lawyer and I took forward to court! We’re gonna catch it on our reality show 2 lol."

    Her group member Dawn Robinson tried to get Maxine to tone it down, tweeting, "@MaxineJonesEV Dont worry about Max lol! The truth about their a*#es has to come out sooner or later! Do NOT erase these messages lol!"

    Neither Cindy nor Terry have commented on the matter via social media, so they might be reserving their reactions for court.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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