Sanaa Lathan onboard for ‘Best Man’ sequel

    Actress Sanaa Lathan dished about her new role on season 2 of the Starz series “Boss,” and the possible sequel to the 1999 romantic-comedy, The Best Man.

    Sanaa admitted that she’s always been cautious to do a continuation of a film that was done right the first time, but the script written again by Malcolm Lee for The Best Man follow-up is amazing.

    “Everybody’s on board. We did a read through of the script not too long ago, and the characters 12 years later—I mean, it has the same kind of raunchy humor, the same kind of moving moments. The way that Malcolm has weaved in all of the characters and their storylines is great. I can’t wait for it to come together,” she told VH1’s "Big Morning Buzz."

    Sanaa also said the writing for her new role, as Mona on “Boss” is great, and she was thrilled to get the part.

    “Mona is a really smart, politically savvy woman who grew up in the Southside of Chicago, and she really cares about her community, and she’s an advocate for her community. She winds up working for the mayor, but I think she works for him, not necessarily because she admires him or really even trusts him. It’s more because she knows he can actually help her get done in the community the things that she wants to get done,” she said.

    She stars alongside Golden Globe winner Kelsey Grammer and King of the South rapper, T.I. When asked about how it was working with the two, she said Kelsey is giving the performance of a lifetime, and T.I. is just as good of an actor as he is a rapper. She dished that her and T.I.’s characters are on two different sides of an issue.

    “He plays kind of a gangster guy and actually in the hood, who has political aspirations, and he’s kind of working his way up,” she said.

    Sanaa described the second season as being intense, juicy and sexy.

    “You guys will have to tune in,” she said.

    Catch Sanaa, T.I. and more tonight when “Boss” airs on Starz at 9 p.m. (EST) and watch the trailer below.


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    —Kimberley Glascoe




    Do you think a The Best Man sequel is a good idea, or should the classi film just be left alone?


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