Oops & Ahhs


    PAGE 28, Celebrity Avenue: S2S would like to notify our readers that the image next to an article about Q Parker’s upcoming album, The MANual, is not actually Q. It’s his label mate, Superstarr J (pictured below)!

    For those of you who forgot, here’s what the cute crooner really looks like. Be sure to pick up The MANual when it drops on October 30.






    PAGE 57, LaToya Jackson Q&A: A few words were omitted from the September 2012 story on LeToya Jackson. The words are highlighted below.

    "This was when the OJ Simpson trial was going on. Geraldo said to me, ‘Jamie, do you think that OJ killed his wife?’ And I said, ‘Nobody actually knows everything about anybody, but I said I think he had the propensity to do it because he was beating her.’”  



    PAGE 59, Meagan Good & DeVon Franklin: A few words were omitted from the August 2012 story on Meagan and DeVon. The words are highlighted below.

    Added DeVon, “Our goal is to model truth. We want it to model God’s love. … This is the person God made for me. And when he gives you the person, it just fits and there’s peace.” Church!






    PAGE 33, Celebrity Avenue: Wendy Credle was event chair of the Black Women in Entertainment Law foundation fundraiser gala; she is not the organization’s founder, as printed in the July 2012 issue.



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