Is the president ready to let Malia date?

    There are certainly a lot of perks that come with being the daughter of the president, but dating isn’t one of them.

    “She may not be able to date ’til she’s 30 or 35,” the president joked with “Entertainment Tonight,” referring to his older daughter, Malia, who is 14.

    While it seems her father hasn’t had to deal with suitors yet, the president doesn’t seem to be looking forward to it.

    Luckily, he has Michelle by his side to help prepare him for the day when his daughters want to date.

    “Brace yourself,” advised Michelle, who is as determined as ever to offer her daughters a normal life while her husband is in office.

    “They’ve lived as normal a life as one could live in this situation,” Michelle said.

    That includes dinners around the family table as often as possible.

    “Because of the fact that I don’t have a commute. I live upstairs from where I work. We are religious about having dinner together at 6:30 every night as long as we’re in town,” said President Obama, who offered a seldom-heard shout-out to the media for respecting his daughters’ privacy so far.

    “The press has been terrific about not encroaching on their space when we’re not around. Letting them live their lives, I think is really important, and the press has been very respectful,” he said.

    See more of the Obamas’ interview below.



    —Tracy L. Scott


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