Stevie J won’t allow Mimi to date other men

    The women Stevie J associates with may make compromises to be with him, but the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star knows his worth.

    Although he juggles multiple women—most notably co-stars Joseline Hernandez and babymama Mimi Faust—he asserted that he’d never stand for that.

    “I’m not going for that. I don’t have to, and I won’t. I’m not entertaining that one right there,” Stevie told The Jasmine Brand when asked whether Mimi could date other guys.

    In short, Stevie just wants the ladies to let him be him and remember that he’s not tied down to anyone.

    “Everyone has rules in relationships,” he explained. “When the rules get broken, that’s when you have issues. It gets messy and you stepping outside of things,” he said. “I like to have fun and do me.”

    While he’s not legally tied down to anyone, Stevie does consider himself committed to Mimi; although, some might question his definition of the word.

    “I’ve never not been that,” said Stevie, who isn’t opposed to marrying some day after he’s reached certain goals.

    While the show seemed to focus on negative aspects of Stevie’s life, he said watching it helped him learn about himself and has made him more aware of others’ feelings.

    “I was always so cold. So just to see the effect emotionally that I have of how the girls feel, that’s allowed me to switch up my flow and be more delicate. Women are like flowers,” he said. “Keeping everyone emotionally in tact is key to me.”

    Whether fans will tune in when Stevie and his women are more emotionally stable remains to be seen, but he credits their dysfunctional relationship for making the ATL spin-off a hit.

    “I believe that ‘LHHATL’ is popular just because of the storyline that I bring to the table,” he said. “I believe it’s successful due to real life situations and circumstances Joseline and Mimi are involved in.”

    It sounds like Stevie may be interested in a season 2 if the show returns.

    Get more from Stevie in the October 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Why do men date multiple women, but protest when their women date multiple men? Leave your comments below.

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