Lil Wayne disses New York?

    One New York senator is demanding an apology from Lil Wayne for dissing his state.

    Weezy has not had the best experiences in New York. It’s where he was locked up for the better part of a year as he served his sentence for gun charges…that he got after doing a show in New York.

    Adding insult to injury, a Hot 97 DJ dissed Nicki Minaj at SummerJam, where she was scheduled to perform.

    "Flat out: I don’t like New York," Wayne told MTV News, acknowledging that he did have at least one good experience while performing there last week. "As far as last week, though, last week was awesome. I think everything happens for a reason."

    Well, it seemed that the comments rubbed Sen. Malcolm A. Smith the wrong way and reports that he is demanding an apology!

    "He’s insulting people like Jay-Z … Frank Sinatra," Malcolm said. "Quite frankly we’re not gonna let someone come here and make a living off all the New Yorkers and tourists here and then basically say, ‘I don’t like New York.’"



    —Sonya Eskridger




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