Chad Johnson mistresses revealed?

    There are finally faces to put with rumors that Chad Johnson was carrying on illicit affairs while in a relationship with Evelyn Lozada.

    There have been whispers that Chad was cheating on Evelyn right up until he married her and even after. Now has identified one of his alleged mistresses as an Atlanta stripper named Amber Priddy, who was once Black Men Magazine’s Model of the Year.

    “Chad has been paying Amber $2000 a month for her apartment and flying her in and out of Miami so they could meet up,” a source said told Radar Online. Supposedly Amber had been living in an apartment near Peachtree Street, but she’s getting kicked out of her place.

    Court documents state that she hit up Twitter to get some help moving. Amber also tweeted a little message to Evelyn shortly after the "Basketball Wives" star and Chad tied the knot, taunting, "U can marry him today, he still mine!!! #thatsmyhoe2."

    Today, though, she was tweeting a much different tune, stating, "I AM NOT chad Johnson’s mistress. Lol this shit is hilarious we are just friends!!!!"

    This comes on the heels of claims from a Boston woman named Beverly Shiner who said she’d been sleeping with Chad from January to May of this year. Supposedly Chad was able to carry on the affairs by taking advantage of Evelyn’s busy schedule, which was packed with wedding planning, shooting for "Basketball Wives" and promoting her book The Inner Circle.

    “He would tell Evelyn that he was going out to run errands in the day time and just hook up with one of his women instead,” a source said. “It was easier for him to hide when they lived in separate cities, but after Chad was traded to Miami in June his philandering literally got too close to home and he got caught."

    Chad also reportedly had a third woman in Miami name Bianca Zuluaga, whom he met via Twitter. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Bianca also likes to subliminally tweet about Chad, their relationship and the fact that she is "addicted to chocolate."

    However it seems that she and NFL player aren’t as discreet for their face-to-face interactions.

    “Chad would mostly spend time with Bianca while Evelyn was out of town on her book tour or filming,” the source explained. “They would even meet at David’s Café in Miami, which is one of his regular hangout joints and they didn’t go to any lengths to hide the fact that they were there together.”




    —Sonya Eskridge




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