LL Cool J seriously injured burglar suspect

    The man who allegedly tried to rob the home of rapper LL Cool J is facing serious time and healing from serious injuries, including a broken nose, jaw and ribs.

    It seems the “Mama Said Knock You Out” rapper nearly did just that Wednesday when a stranger broke into his home, threatening the safety of LL and his family who were inside.

    The intruder has been identified as Jonathan Kirby, 56, and he’s facing more than a list of hospital bills—38 years to life in prison. Jonathan was charged with residential burglary with a person present and a possible battery charge. He’s being held on bail at $1.1 million.

    The accused burglar has a history of criminal acts, stemming from a voluntary manslaughter conviction over 24 years ago, and acts of “auto theft, first degree burglary and a petty theft conviction in Los Angeles,” CNN reports.

    Seems like all the acting LL has done on “NCIS: Los Angeles” rubbed off in a good way. When the alarm sounded early Wednesday morning in LL’s home, he went to investigate and was face-to-face with Jonathan. That’s when LL physically restrained him.

    While LL’s staying clear of commenting on the incident via Twitter, his wife recently tweeted her thanks to fans and family for their support saying, “Thank you everyone for your Thoughts and Prayers. Praise God for His Grace & Mercy.”

    She also dubbed her hubby as her hero. “He’s truly my hero my superman. I thank God for him.”

    LL’s camp released a statement saying that he and his family are safe and thank everyone for their support.

    "As a father, husband and citizen, he is committed to keeping his family safe and is cooperating with authorities on this private matter,” the statement read.

    According to the Los Angeles Times, LL will not be charged for assaulting the burglar, and he sustained no injuries.

    Watch the CNN "HLN" report on the incident below.

    —Kimberley Glascoe


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