Mykelti Williamson brings ‘Jennifer’ to WIGS

    Desperate times call for desperate measures in the new WIGS series "Jennifer."

    Set in the very near future, "Jennifer" depicts a reality where the government has come up with a very creative solution for handling dangerous criminals while giving underemployed actors a steady gig, effectively killng two birds with one stone.

    The series was written and direced by Mykelti Williamson. You may remember Mykelti from his role as Bubba Blue in Forrest Gump or most recently his role on the FX series "Justified." He said he came up with the concept for "Jennifer" during a chat with some of his actor friends.

    "A friend of mine, his name is Stoney Jackson, were having a conversation and Stoney said, ‘Man, it’s so little work out here right now for actors. I need a job so bad, I’d pull the electric switch on the electric chair,’" Mykelti explained to S2S. "We laughed and joked about it, but I thought, ‘What if it got that bad for actors that they had to do jobs, dirty jobs, that the government has for them?’"

    He added, "That’s where ‘Jennifer’ came from—just having a dialouge with a group actors who have just been out of work because of reality television."

    Although it’s billed as a short film on WIGS, there’s a good chance that it could be brought back as a regular series, and Mykelti’s got some great ideas for the show, just in case. 

    Aside from its shocking plot, what’s immediately apparent is that "Jennifer" has a much more diverse cast than other shows on WIGS. But as Mykelti told S2S, that’s what they brought him in to do.

    "They invited me in and asked me to bring some flavor," said Mykelti, who added that the owners of WIGS outright asked him to bring more color to the online channel. "It’s what I was asked to do."

    Speaking of flavor, Mykelti is getting ready to bring his line of seasonings, Bubba Style, to grocery stores all across the country. He told us that he expects Bubba Style, which is low in sodium and gluten free, to hit shelves at Kroger and Safeway within the next six months. Until then, you can get them from his site,

    But, if given the chance, Mykelti would love to work on another series for WIGS, and he’s already got a concept in mind! "I do have a different show for WIGS, but it’s still got to be approved," Mykelti stated.





    —Sonya Eskridge




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