Paul Brunson of ‘Lovetown USA’ releases new book

    Paul Brunson of OWN’s "Lovetown USA" is telling people how to love without complications in his upcoming book!

    Last Sunday “Lovetown USA” premiered, introducing us to an unconventional approach to achieving solidarity in the community. Fourteen thousand Kingsland, Georgia, residents opened up their hearts and homes to love coaches Kailen Rosenberg and Paul Brunson as they attempt to mend relationships, solve longstanding disputes and make love connections. In other words, bring harmony to the small town.

    Paul’s learned a lot during his three years as a love coach. He’s been determined to connect people since 2008 when he had an epiphany while registering 100 Black and Latino kids in the summer program managed by his nonprofit organization. He realized not one of them had two parents in the household. That night, he and his wife discussed different ideas on how to strengthen the nuclear family. They both agreed the key was expanding social circles.

    Since then, he’s been researching love and relationships and also penned his first book slated for September release, It’s Complicated But It Doesn’t Have To Be. Paul said, “It’s a modern approach to love.” Since he recently celebrated 12 years of wedded bliss, the brother may know what he’s talking about.



    —Stephanie Dayton




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