Tameka Foster loses custody

    The bitter custody battle between Tameka Foster and Usher Raymond resulted in a surprising verdict.

    Tameka has lost custody of their sons Usher V and Naviyd as a judge granted primary custody of the boys to her ex-husband Usher, reports TMZ.com.

    This comes just weeks after Tameka laid her 11-year-old son, Kile Glover, to rest after he was declared brain dead following a Jet Ski accident.

    It’s a shocking development, considering mothers are usually awarded custody of children. In addition to that, Tameka had supposedly accused Usher of being too focused on his career to be a good father. She also alleged that he used drugs in front of Usher V and Naviyd. Meanwhile, Usher charged that Tameka was irresponsible and not attentive.

    Even though Usher has been awarded primary custody of the boys, who will now be spending the majority of their time with him, Tameka does still have some custodial rights. It’s not clear what those would be at this time.

    It remains to be seen whether the custody battle is over or whether Tameka will continue to try to gain custody of her sons.

    "Money can buy many things… But in the end. Truth & goodness will prevail. I must continue to believe this. Stand firm," Tameka tweeted. Usher has yet to comment on the decision.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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