VaShawn Mitchell releases ‘Created 4 This’

    Things have really turned around for VaShawn Mitchell, who is set to release his new album Created 4 This!

    The EMI gospel recording artist has been vocal about growing up without his father, and how he spent years trying to find himself before finding the Lord. But life has turned around for him in more ways than one.

    Besides having won six Stellar awards and being nominated for a Grammy, the 35-year-old singer recently met with his father for the first time this Fourth of July.

    “I forgave him for not being around. I had to pray about it and move forward. We didn’t dwell on the past; it was more about meeting him and getting to know where he comes from, and getting to know him from today on," VaShawn told S2S. "I believe it did heal some things, just to know who he is and answer some questions. I think I’ve matured enough to want to have the relationship that we can build today."

    VaShawn’s latest single “Turning Around for Me” is an empowering song off his new album, Created 4 This, that he said developed from his own personal experiences.

    “It’s more than just music to me…I believe it’s the next sound that I’m hearing from God,” VaShawn shared.

    After his album Triumphant took off, he was so busy doing the Lord’s work that he forgot to thank the Lord.

    “[God] pretty much told me when you put me first again, things will turn around for you, and I was like, ‘Whoa,’ because I didn’t even realize I had put God on the backburner just to be busy,” VaShawn said

    Created 4 This is a mix of fast, slow, and medium-tempo praise and worship songs, pick it up when it hits shelves August 28.  Check out "Turning Around For Me" below!

    —Kimberley Glascoe





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