Will fans see a changed Jackie Christie?

    Jackie Christie is “geared up and ready” for “Basketball Wives: LA” season 2, but fans shouldn’t expect the same Jackie they met last season.

    “They’re going to see a different change in me. I matured some,” Jackie told VH1.

    As for the drama that ensued last season, Jackie did take some of the blame for the she-say, she-say that ultimately resulted in her being ousted from the group.

    “It was a lot of misunderstanding, a lot of miscommunication. I stuck my nose in someplace I shouldn’t have,” said Jackie who explained why she was in others’ business.

    “I was trying to be helpful because by nature I’m a motherly type,” Jackie said.

    There’s no doubt there was some self-reflection happening after Jackie was literally and figuratively voted off the island last season. According to Jackie, that incident did have an impact on her.

    “I was hurt, definitely. I left feeling like I was wronged. I was ostracized and ridiculed for things I didn’t do,” she said.

    However, it wasn’t just the feedback from her co-stars that persuaded Jackie that a change was necessary. A lot changed for her because of all the negative press she received from the first season of the show. "I’m not a liar. I’m not a snake and all the things that were out there. If you don’t know and you’re watching from the outside, then you go by the assessment you’re able to see,” she said.

    Since the show, she admits that her trust has been severed with her co-stars, but she’s looking forward to the new mix of girls on the show.

    “I will give everyone a chance, and I hope that I will get one in return. My intentions are always great and my heart is pure.”

    Jackie talks about the season 2 newbies. Watch.

    —Kimberly Natasha

    Do you think the ladies of "Basketball Wives: LA" should allow Jackie back in the circle? Leave your comments below.


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