EXCLUSIVE: How old is Karlie Redd’s kid?

    Karlie Redd admitted that she’s got a daughter,  and we just found out about how old that child is.

    Karlie may have wanted to keep her child’s age quiet, but we hear that her daughter is almost a legal adult. "Me and Karlie are two grown ups, and both of us have grown children," Benzino recently told S2S. "She has a grown daughter."

    The hip-hop publishing mogul revealed that he’s got three kids between the ages of 9 and 19 years old, and he let it slip that Karlie’s daughter is in her teens as well.

    "Karlie’s daughter I think is about 17 years old. She just graduated from high school," Benzino revealed.  

    Despite whatever you may have seen of Karlie on camera, Benzino had nothing but good things to say about how she is as a mom. Even Benzino’s kids warmed up to her while she was with him.

    "Karlie’s a very wonderful mother; the relationship between her and her daughter is incredible," Benzino asserted, vouching for Karlie’s parental skills. "Her daughter loves her very much, and Karlie’s very much in her daughter’s life. She’s a great mother, and my kids took to Karlie, also–especially my daughter."

    Since things didn’t work out between Karlie and Benzino, it’s back to life as a single dad, but he’s got that well handled. Benzino lets his kids explore their interests, including music.

    "[Stevie J’s] son produces and my son raps, and I’m pretty close to all of Stevie’s kids as well as him," said Benzino, who revealed that the kids were actually in the studio as S2S spoke to him! He feels it’s a great interest for the young men to have.

    "Stuff like that keeps them out of toruble, keeps them focused," Benzino explained, adding that he does encourage the kids to explore all of their interests. "At the end of the day, music is just one aspect of life, and I let them know you can’t put all your energy into music."

    Benzino added, "I like to let them know you gotta get out there in the world and smell, touch, be a part of things. Keep a good balance of everything. Though I let my kids do a lot and experience a lot, I am strict."



    —Sonya Eskridge



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