Jeanette Harris has high hopes for ‘Rain’

    “It hit me: the saxophone was what I wanted to play,” said saxophonist Jeanette Harris.

    Jeanette is referring to the first time she was introduced to the sax. After spending some of her childhood years playing the piano, at 10 years old she started playing the saxophone. She was attracted to the instrument’s shape, sound and tone.

    After earning a degree in music, Jeanette received an abundant amount of “no’s” for gigs, but finally she got a “yes.” Jeanette said a pizza parlor showcase, put on by her and her brother, was what started her success, and in 2001, the Jeanette Harris Band was born.

    “Things started going uphill from there,” she said.

    Jeanette released her third CD Saxified in 2010. The project offered more than just smooth jazz. It was a good mixture of her upbringing in music.

    Jeanette admitted it was easier to produce a CD on her own because, “when you have your own vision it’s easier to do it yourself, so you’ll have the patience to sit there.”

    She described Saxified as an anytime, make-you-feel-good CD.

    That was then, and this is now. Jeanette is currently working on her fourth CD titled, Summer Rain, which she’s planning to release this summer.
    “It’s going to be my favorite because when it comes to growing, it gets better, not worse…I’m having a ball recording it,” said Jeanette who hopes the CD will have something for everyone.

    Watch more from Jeanette below.

    —Kimberley Glascoe 




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