Did time apart bring Gloria and Matt back together?

    Gloria Govan explained that time away from the relationship brought her and babydaddy Matt Barnes closer.

    “Matt and I, we broke up for 8 months. I had fun. I went out with my girls, and we partied and went to dinner, and just kinda spent time with them, just hanging out, traveled a little bit with and without the kids,” Gloria told VH1.

    The two were together when season 1 of “Basketball Wives: LA” began, but by the end of the season, Gloria and Matt had gone their separate ways. Gloria began to have doubts about the relationship after Matt seemed to have an ill-timed epiphany that she was “the one.”

    Although they spent time apart, that doesn’t seem to have changed for him.

    “I know what I want. I realize too late, maybe, but I know that I want to be with you and the kids,” he said.

    While Matt was reportedly dating other women, most notably “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria, Gloria said she was enjoying the single life.

    “I had a lot of fun. It was needed. Our relationship, it was just unhealthy. It was just unhealthy both physically, mentally, emotionally. It was just so draining.”

    As for Matt, Gloria said it didn’t take him long to find his way back to her and their two sons.

    “After about 7 months, he just started to do more, be around the kids more. I think he went out there looking to replace me; that obviously didn’t go well,” said Gloria.

    She talks more about Matt and season 2 below. Watch.


    See photos of Gloria and the rest of the season 2 cast below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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