Mimi Faust goes off on her critics

    Mimi Faust got all into her emotions over criticism she’s gotten because of her relationship with Stevie J.

    Mimi dropped by the Global14 offices to watch the reunion of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" while knocking back a couple of drinks with Jermaine Dupri. During the impromptu viewing party, JD just had to ask how Stevie’s got her and Joseline Hernandez so hooked.

    Jermaine is left to question if it’s Stevie’s "beefcake game" that kept her and Joseline around. Mimi immediately spilled some tea with a rather unimpressed expression, when she said, "You have to ask [Joseline]. I’m not sucking no d!ck at the club. I’m sorry."

    Then, all of a sudden, Mimi did a complete 180 and started cursing out her critics. The entrepreneur-turned-reality TV star received a lot of heat due to her love triangle with Stevie and Joseline, and she’s tired of people insulting her.

    “You act like I’m the only b!#*h who’s been cheated on, all you  muthaf*#king b!@*hes been cheated on," she hollered. Don’t act and don’t f***ing play like I’m the only b!@*h who’s been cheated on. My s*@t is just on TV. I didn’t lie. I told the truth. F*#k ya’ll and your f*#@ing opinions about me and mine.”

    As she pointed out, it doesn’t matter what a woman looks like because just about every type of woman has been done wrong. And Mimi wasn’t afraid to get all up in the camera to make her point




    —Sonya Eskridge




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