Rasheeda isn’t done with K.Michelle

    The official season is over, but “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Rasheeda still has a few choice words for co-star K.Michelle.

    “You’re a bully and you need to shut up. When I said what I said, I said it to your face—straight up and down. I said it based off of me formulating my own opinion,” Rasheeda said to the DJs of New York’s “The Breakfast Club” radio show.

    Although Rasheeda has caught some flack for questioning whether her friend MeMpHiTz actually abused K.Michelle as the singer claims, no one can deny that Rasheeda has voiced her doubts directly to K. On the other hand, Rasheeda said she’s heard lots from K.Michelle via Twitter and the media.

    “You want to go on blogs, on interviews and throw little shots at me? So going behind my back and wanting to talk $#-t all the time and you not woman enough to say it to me. Don’t hate and try to find petty little things because of your own insecurities,” Rasheeda said.

    While reality stars aren’t strangers to gossip—be it from fans, co-stars or other celebs—Rasheeda’s husband, Kirk Frost, addressed rumors he heard about himself.

    “I ain’t got nothing against nobody, if you gay you gay,” said Kirk who denied the stories that he’s been involved with men. “I don’t play them games. I don’t do it. If I did it, I wouldn’t have a problem saying it.”

    Now that “LHHATL” has hit the airwaves, those pesky homosexual rumors will likely die down. In the past, Kirk has downplayed his relationship with his wife of 12 years to help her career, but those days are over.

    “I’ve always been in the background. I never would say anything because it wasn’t accepted for her to be [married] with her career. This is the first time I can say I’ve had a wife, where I can actually kiss her and hold her hand in public.”

    Watch more of the interview below.

    —Kimberly Natasha


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