Nicole Murphy ready for ‘Exes’ season 2

    If “Hollywood Exes” doesn’t return, Nicole Murphy said she’s willing to do her own reality series.

    “I would absolutely do the show again,” she told “If not, I would like to do my own show.”

    The series, which featured Nicole, Sheree Fletcher, Andrea Kelly and other ex-wives of big-name stars, aired its season finale last Monday. Unlike many of its reality show counterparts on VH1, “Exes” didn’t depict women fighting and participating in physical violence.

    However, there was one little blowup.

    “The most surprising thing was when Mayte [Jannell García] threw that damn drink! I didn’t expect that! You can see from my face that I was very shocked. Then, I just chuckled,” Nicole said, referring to an incident in which Mayte and Jessica Conseco engaged in a heated argument about abortion.

    “I was very surprised because I handle my anger different. They may throw stuff, but I stay calm. If I get angry, I just want to talk about it and get it over with,” she said.

    Nicole’s easygoing attitude might be one of the reasons she has such an amicable relationship with her ex, Eddie Murphy.

    “We speak to each other and have a great relationship and I think that’s important when you have children involved,” she said. “We can be in the same room and hang out. It’s all good.”

    While Nicole and Eddie’s relationship is a healthy one, she said that’s not necessarily the case for all her co-stars. However, the show has helped them deal with a few issues.

    “The show is definitely therapy. I am sure that other women who are watching the show have a situation they can relate to. I have women tell me on Twitter that I’ve inspired them not to jump up and get angry,” Nicole said.

    Viewers’ positive reaction to the series is unlike the pattern of boycotts and public criticism that many of its reality show counterparts receive.

    Some reality stars blame the editing for turning them into stereotypes, and often voice regret, but Nicole’s not in that group.

    “I have no regrets at all. I really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun for me.”


    Watch Mayte and Jessica’s altercation below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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