DNC starts in North Carolina

    Michelle Obama is kicking off the Democratic National Convention tonight in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    Democrats from all over the nation have descened upon Charlotte, North Carolina for the DNC.

    The main aim of the DNC is to officially name the democratic presidential and vice presidential candidates, but his nomaination was not necessarily a given. Even thought President Barck Obama was elected during the 2008 election, he had to earn approval for the nomination from 2,778 delegates.

    He was able to earn those votes of confidence in the Maryland and District of Columbia primaries.

    This is the first time the DNC has been held in North Carolina, and the even will take place in two locations. Most of the festivities will be held at the Time Warner Cable Arena; President Obama will be making his acceptance speech on the final night of the DNC at the Bank of America Stadium.

    First Lady Michelle Obama is expected to speak at the DNC tonight, but Joe Biden, Rahm Emanuel, Tim Kaine, Cory Booker and Bill Clinton are also expected to address the crowd during the convention.

    But the DNC isn’t just about standing around listening to speeches and getting psyched for the November election! Get a breakdown of what else the delegates will be up to in this video from SourceFed below.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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